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 Law in Society is Sydney University Law Society's annual journal on current issues affecting the Australian legal landscape and the broader community. The journal was established in 2015 and the Law in Society site was created in 2017 in line with the journal's focus on law and technology for Semester 2 2017.

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Commissioned (2019)


Editorial team for Commissioned (2019): Ben John (Editor-in-Chief), Alison Chen, Liam Ogburn and Natan Skinner.

Publications Director: Jeffrey Khoo

Website/Design: Christina Zhang

This journal is supported by Gilbert + Tobin.

Previous editions

Previous editions of the journal can be found here.

Past Editors

(2018) Legislation and Control: Brigitte Samaha (Editor-in-Chief), Jess Everingham, Llewellyn Horgan, Tara Janus and Tahlia Peterson.

(2017) Buffering: Tilini Rajapaksa (Editor-in-Chief), Samuel Chu, Erika Ly, Alberta Mckenzie and Jessica Ottavi.

(2017) Between Black and White: Alan Zheng (Editor-in-Chief), Miriam Asar, Brendan Ma, Manju Varshini and Crystal Yang.

(2016) Nanny State or Necessary Crackdown? Lockout Laws and Civil Disobedience: Richard Lyons, Brigit Zafirakis and Jenna Lim. 

(2015) Staying the Blues: Winnie Liu, Lora Ye and Nicholas Hay. 




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